Frequently Asked Questions

Chopcoin is an interactive 1337 faucet, combining crypotocurrency with a competitive multiplayer game. This means you can win some 1337 by playing with other players for free. Furthermore Chopcoin is a community of cryptocurrency enthusiast and you are rewarded for participating. We aim to provide beginners with a challenging fun experience to learn about 1337 and own their first leetoshies (smallest denomination of 1337 – 0.00000001 leetoshies).

Play in the playground
Here you compete with other players and might win some 1337 based on your skill.
You compete with other players for a fixed period of time after which the round ends and the top 15 players win 1337 according to their rank. Afterwards a new round starts and you can try your luck again.

The game is intuitive and more easily understood by playing than by reading. Familiarize yourself with the controls (Mouse to move, W to eject mass, hold Q to flood mass, Space to split) and figure it out yourself. Basically it comes down to growing in size by hovering over the colorful food, eating smaller players than yourself, don’t getting eaten by bigger players than yourself and avoiding the bombs.

Yes, English in the public chat and show appropriate mannerism while communicating. Violations of this rules will result in a warning by the moderators.

Yes, we take precautions to prevent theft and take security serious. The majority of funds is stored in cold storage. However; be advised that we are NOT A WALLET SERVICE. Cookie users without any balance will be deleted after not logging in for one month. Registered users as well as unregistered users will be deleted after not logging in for six months regardless of their balance.

No, you can play and win 1337 without registration. However, we strongly recommend you to register to increase your account security.

Make sure to check out the options (gear icon to the upper left). Disabling skins, names and mass as well as enabling performance mode or limiting the FPS might help. Additionally you might consider disabling any addons or plugins in your browser or trying out another browser.

You may have a browser plugin or a firewall blocking the connection. Please check and try again.

You can request a withdrawal in your account tab. There is no transaction fee and withdrawals are processed every hour. The minimum amount to withdraw is 10 1337 (10.00000000 1337).

Please check your wallet and your accounts transaction history to verify that the withdrawal did indeed not go through. It may take a short while before a deposit is credited and withdrawals are only processed once a hour.

Some nicknames have a skin attached to them. Using one of these nicknames will enable a specific skin. You can find small icons of the currently available skins below the text box for your nickname. You can click those to have your nickname changed to the name associated with that skin. Other players have a skin because they purchased a private skin and thus supported Chopcoin.

Get your own custom skin in Chopcoin for 15$ payable in 1337, pay once and the skin will be in your library forever. Just send an email to our support mail [email protected] and tell us what you would like your skin to look like. We will design one according to your wishes and send you a 1337 address. Send the 15$ and we'll upload the image making it accessible to you the same way public skins work.

Your warning level represents how many times you have been warned by an administrator or moderator for inappropriate behavior in a given time. Your warning level decreases by one point every week. However, if you are warned again within that period, your warning level is increased and the weekly timer reset. You can always review your warnings on your account page, including reasons for the warnings.
The maximum warning level is three. If you reach this level and you are warned again, your account will be banned automatically. If you have any questions or concerns about one of your warnings, please contact us.

You can access several options by clicking the gear icon in the upper left. Show names, skins and mass do as they say – show mass might be useful do know exactly how much bigger/smaller another player is than yourself. Furthermore you can change the theme to black & white or enable the Performance mode, which might to increase the games performance on low-resources devices. Another option regarding the games performance is limiting the FPS. Enabling mouse controls you can split by left clicking and ejecting mass by right clicking.

You can get a list of all available commands:

To tip another player type:
/tip <username> <amount in 1337>
Example: /tip tiCeR 0.1

To talk private to another player type:
/w <username> <message>
Example: /w tiCeR hello.


/pm <username> <message>
Example: /pm tiCeR hello.

To reply to your last private message type:
/r <message>
Example: /r message.

To send a message to all mods that are online type:
/mods <message>
Example: /mods There is a team on faucet playground

To ignore a user in the chat type:
/ignore <username>
Example: /ignore tiCeR

To check if a user is online type:
/online <username>
Example: /online tiCeR

To reconnect to the chat type:

We strive to provide a fun, but more importantly, fair playing community. If you are certain that someone is cheating, please contact us right away (and be sure to include some proof). However, please be absolutely certain it is not just a mechanic of the game you do not know about. For example, it is possible for a player to eat a bomb in certain situations. How? That is for you to find out!

We do not encourage players to choose names that might offend other players. However, we can't ban any combination of words in any language that somebody might find offensive. Furthermore we highlight the importance of Freedom of Speech. We kindly invite you to deal with players with offensive names yourself in the playgrounds!

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